Academic Publications

2022 – The World Is Born From Zero: Understanding Speculation and Video Games (De Gruyter Oldenbourg)

2022 – “Cybernetic Irony: Racial Humour from Mecha-Hitler to Nuclear Gandhi” with Darshana Jayemanne in Video Games and Humor, eds. Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone, Tomasz Z. Majkowski, Jaroslav Švelch.

2021 – Review of Against Flow by Braxton Soderman in New Media & Society.

2021 – “Games and SF” special issue of Science Fiction Film & Television with Darshana Jayemanne

2021 – “Can You Describe Its Form? Annihilation and Cinematic Adaptation” in Surreal Entanglements: Essays on Jeff VanderMeer s Fiction, eds. Louise Economides, Laura Shackelford.

2021 – “Video games as interventions in the climate disaster,” Paradoxa no. 31, ed. Alison Sperling.

2020 – “How Do We Deal With Dark Souls?  The Aesthetic Category as a Game Studies Method” in Hybrid Play: Crossing Boundaries in Game Design, Players Identities and Play Spaces, eds. Adriana de Souza e Silva and Ragan Glover-Rijkse.

2019 – Review of The Dark Fantastic by Ebony Elizabeth Thomas in Studies in the Fantastic no. 8.

2018 – “The Click of a Button: Video Games and the Mechanics of Speculation” in Science Fiction Film and Television vol. 11, issue 3. 

2018 – “Bioshock 2 and the Decay of the Human” in Beyond the Sea: Critical Perspectives on Bioshock, eds. Felan Parker and Jessica Aldred.

2018 – Review of The Grace of Destruction by Elena del Rio in discourse vol. 40, issue 3.

2017 – Review of Jupiter Ascending in Science Fiction Film and Television vol. 10, issue 3.

2016 – “Subjective and Affective Adaptations: Remediation in the Playstation 2 Videogame” in Wide Screen vol. 6, issue 1.

2016 – “Magic as Aesthetic Event” in In Media Res

2015 – “Chatbots in the Metropolis: Turing and the Communicative Labor of the Multitude” (with Kevin Cummings) in Communication and Control: Tools, Systems, and New Dimensions, ed. Robert MacDougall.

2015 – “When Lars Von Trier Stopped Writing Jokes” in In Media Res

2014 – “The Fluidity of Black Radicalism in 1980s Britain” in liquid blackness vol. 1, issue 4.

2014 – “Solidity and Liquidity” in liquid blackness vol. 1, issue 2.

2013 – “Playfighting in South Central: On the Everyday in My Brother’s Wedding” in liquid blackness vol. 1, issue 1.

2013 – Review of Comics Vs Art by Bart Beaty in ImageText vol.7, no. 2.

Selected Public Writing

2020 – “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Is Obsessed with Story, and Its Deceptions” in Vice
2020 – “Baldur’s Gate 2′ Didn’t Just Change RPGs, It Changed Games Themselves” in Vice
2020 – “Oversaturated” in Real Life
2020 – “Why Games Have Always Obsessed Over Pandemic Authoritarianism” in Vice
2020 – “Destroyed in the Cut: Anti-Blackness in The Last of Us II” in Bullet Points